InsightRX Selected For Inaugural Cohort In Cutting-Edge Innovation Hub To Transform Cancer Care

  • Published October 5, 2021

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Health technology pioneer InsightRX announced today that it is one of only four new collaborators selected by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) for the inaugural cohort of the MSK Innovation Hub. InsightRX, which has developed a cloud-based platform for precision dosing and clinical analytics, was chosen from more than 60 companies seeking to be among the first group of collaborators.

The MSK Innovation Hub is a program that brings together health technology innovators and a community of researchers, clinicians, and digital health professionals who will develop cutting-edge healthcare products designed to transform cancer care.

“It truly is an honor for InsightRX to be selected as an MSK Innovation Hub collaborator,” said Sirj Goswami, PhD, CEO and co-founder of InsightRX. “Working together, we can accelerate the development of precision medicine modules for oncology products that will help improve care for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.”

The New York-based cancer center identified four areas of investment for the program’s debut group: digital therapeutics, AI-enabled computational oncology, population insights, and remote patient monitoring. As a collaborator in the AI-enabled computational oncology area, InsightRX will focus on validating and potentially improving pharmacology models used in its InsightRX Nova precision dosing platform to enable clinicians to predict neutropenia, a blood disorder commonly caused by chemotherapy. Clinicians can independently review all pharmacology models in the Nova platform.

Neutropenia is a potentially fatal condition in which a person’s level of neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) is abnormally low, reducing the body’s ability to fight infection. When chemotherapy kills healthy white blood cells along with cancer cells, it can result in cancer patients becoming neutropenic.

Infections linked to neutropenia are among the most serious side effects of chemotherapy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which cites studies showing that 60,000 cancer patients in the U.S. are hospitalized with neutropenia each year, with 4,000 dying of neutropenia-related fever. A study published in the Journal of Oncology Practice estimated the cancer-related neutropenia hospitalizations in the U.S. cost $2.3 billion for adults and $439 million for children in 2012, totaling 8.3% of all cancer-related hospitalization costs.

“We created the MSK Innovation Hub because we know collaboration can spark the innovations needed to help more efficiently treat cancer and prevent treatment-associated complications,” said Pedram Razavi, MD, PhD, a breast medical oncologist and physician-scientist at MSK. “We look forward to collaborating with InsightRX to help clinicians better predict neutropenia and improve outcomes among people receiving chemotherapy.”

About InsightRX
InsightRX is a healthcare technology company that has developed a cloud-based platform for precision medicine and clinical analytics designed to individualize treatment at the point of care. The platform leverages patient-specific data, pharmacology models, and machine learning to understand each patient’s unique pharmacological profile and can be integrated seamlessly within a clinical workflow. InsightRX Nova has attained a CE mark in six European Countries, further demonstrating the company’s dedication to quality, cybersecurity, and general privacy and data protection regulations. Learn more about InsightRX’s recently announced $10 million Series A funding.