Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) Partners with InsightRX on the First Commercial Precision Dosing Model For Heparin

  • Published June 13, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO & FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. June 13, 2024 - Today, InsightRX and Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) announced they will make InsightRX’s precision dosing software for heparin therapy available to NAH’s pharmacists at Flagstaff Medical Center.  NAH expects this deployment to decrease the time it takes to therapeutically dose hospitalized patients with unfractionated heparin to treat and prevent blood clots; improving patient outcomes.

NAH is a multi-site, not-for-profit health system that views precision dosing as a transformative approach for advancing medical practice and recognizes InsightRX’s continuous learning platform as the solution for clinicians to standardize high-quality care practices.

InsightRX was developed to easily integrate into our daily Cerner workflows and individualize heparin therapy with the most advanced methods of patient safety monitoring,”said Dr. Scott Waldrop, System Director of Pharmacy, Northern Arizona Healthcare.

InsightRX's integrated heparin dosing platform seamlessly imports patient data from NAH's electronic health records to create a graph of a patient's real-time coagulation status using their current blood draw. This allows clinicians to better identify patients with abnormal bleeding disorders or those at high risk for severe blood clots. Additionally, clinicians can simulate the impact of a recommended heparin dose before verifying the prescription.

Anticoagulants have consistently been identified by our providers as a troubling cause of adverse drug events (ADEs) in the inpatient setting. Despite advances in therapeutic heparin dosing and monitoring, determining the right dose continues to be challenging because each patient eliminates heparin at their own rate, based on variables such as their size, blood composition, and underlying disease state,” said Dr. Jon Faldasz, Senior Director of Product and Customer Experience, InsightRX.

Heparin PR Img.001 Heparin PR Img.002
Faster anticoagulation attainment by the first measured activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) level Sustained duration within a therapeutic anticoagulation range through the first week of therapy

Having used InsightRX’s flagship infectious disease modules for over three years to review approximately 5,600 treatment courses of vancomycin, NAH now has the unique clinical advantage of being amongst the first to adopt a comprehensive anticoagulation stewardship program augmented with InsightRX for their growing health care system.

This news continues to follow successful deployments of InsightRX Nova and InsightRX Apollo at approximately 800 hospitals in the U.S., impacting over one million patients. In quarter one of this year, CIBC Innovation Banking announced that it had provided growth financing to InsightRX which would allow them to enhance the development of new therapies to improve patient safety in the healthcare drug development and direct patient settings. This work will power enhancements to InsightRX’s core product lines and enable a new wave of possibilities with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

NAH recently announced plans to explore locations for a new hospital. The next phase for their Central Flagstaff Clinic in 2024 will include expanded cardiology services, primary care offices, and a new urgent care clinic. Additionally, they will begin remodeling and expanding an outpatient surgery center at the property formerly known as the Summit Center, which is tentatively planned to reopen in mid-2026.

About InsightRX

InsightRX is a healthcare technology company providing a cloud-based clinical decision support platform that applies quantitative pharmacology and AI to enhance therapeutic decision-making from phase I drug development to point of care. The company’s platform provides an individualized, predictive understanding of a patient’s response to treatment which enables an enhanced understanding of dose-effect response and toxicity for clinicians to improve medication effectiveness.

About Northern Arizona Healthcare
Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) is a not-for-profit, people-centered healthcare system providing comprehensive care through two hospitals – Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center – which have a combined capacity of nearly 400 beds. Flagstaff Medical Center is the only Level 1 Trauma Center north of Phoenix, serving a region home to more than 750,000 people with a health system team of over 3,000 doctors, nurses, and other health care experts. Dedicated to improving health and healing, at NAH, better care reaches far beyond the hospital’s walls to affect communities where the need is greatest.