Introducing Apollo Gold: Enhancing Data-Driven Insights and Real-Time Recommendations

  • Published May 28, 2024

Vanessa Burns shares our vision for Apollo Gold — how customers can use the new tier of Apollo Analytics to empower precision medicine practices with real-time data.

Our goal at InsightRX is to offer data-driven insights to all users. With the release of our Apollo Gold product tier, we are excited to provide users with the power to investigate their own organization’s data trends via our exploratory analysis feature, model fit assessment, and user-specific metrics.

Moving forward, our vision is that Apollo Gold seamlessly functions in conjunction with InsightRX Nova to offer data-driven personalized recommendations. By providing users with real-time insights and data-based recommendations, Apollo Gold will streamline an organization’s decision-making process. Moreover, our platforms utilize continuous learning by aggregating patient covariate and outcomes data, refining dosing recommendations over time and contributing to better overall patient care.

InsightRX Apollo provides customers with real-time metrics on precision medicine practices, enabling users to identify clinical impact, recognize opportunities for improvement, and accelerate process improvement initiatives. This level of detail helps organizations identify patterns that drive care excellence initiatives.

"Facilitating data-informed decisions through robust analytics is core to our mission," stated Sirj Goswami, PhD, CEO and co-founder of InsightRX. "Our customers seek deeper insights to enhance patient care. Apollo Gold represents a significant step forward in precision, offering a pathway to actionable data that will benefit patients, clinicians, provider organizations, and the entire healthcare system."

In April 2024, InsightRX unveiled Apollo Gold as part of a broader webinar on the Apollo Analytics platform.

Missed the webinar but still want to listen in? Click below to access a copy!