InsightRX Continues Momentum in Precision Dosing with Client Growth, New Scientific Breakthroughs

  • Published May 14, 2024

Precision medicine leader builds upon its partnerships with 780 hospitals across 150 health systems to offer personalized, outcome-focused approach to drug dosing

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2024 – InsightRX – which provides cloud-based precision medicine software to optimize treatment decisions – continues to build momentum in the health systems and life sciences markets in 2024, with numerous technological and scientific breakthroughs achieved in collaboration with its clients. 

InsightRX delivers a precision-dosing platform that uses quantitative methods to improve drug dosing practices, combining patient-level and population-level continuous learning to maximize therapeutic benefits for patients. 

To date, InsightRX has established partnerships with more than 780 hospitals representing more than 150 health systems, and personalized more than 4 million dose advices across nearly one million treatment courses. Additionally, InsightRX's Nova platform features 100 drug modules containing 150 validated pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PKPD) models, offering an unparalleled breadth and depth of drug data and modeling capabilities.

“We are proud that InsightRX continues to deliver significant benefits to patients across the healthcare system by driving the transition away from the traditional, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to drug dosing to a more tailored, personalized form of care,” said Sirj Goswami, Ph.D., chief executive officer and co-founder of InsightRX. 

InsightRX’s notable recent accomplishments include:

  • A recommendation for use of a different vancomycin PK model as the default model for patients with a BMI < 40: In a data analysis of more than 168,000 patient treatment courses, the Modified Thomson model showed higher accuracy and lower degrees of error in patients with a BMI < 40 when compared to three high-performing models. InsightRX recommends use of the Modified Thomson model as the default model for patients with a BMI < 40.

  • An exclusive MIPD feature enabling more accurate predictions: To improve the predictive accuracy of model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) in the presence of measured levels, InsightRX developed a feature called InsightRX FitAssistSM, utilizing AI-powered machine learning, that assesses a patient, PK model, and measured level(s), and determines whether the use of "MAP Bayesian with flattened priors" is likely to improve predictions. The FitAssist algorithm shows up to a 74% improvement in prediction accuracy.

  • A new model for adult vancomycin patients with Class III Obesity: In collaboration with an academic health system, InsightRX developed a new vancomycin model for use in patients with Class III Obesity (BMI of 40 or more). In a data analysis of more than 28,000 treatment courses, this InsightRX model showed higher accuracy and lower degrees of error in patients with a BMI > 40 when compared to three high-performing models. InsightRX recommends use of this new model as the default model for patients with a BMI > 40.

The Life Sciences sector is now poised to be another key growth driver for InsightRX. Increasingly, drug developers are turning to InsightRX for its cloud software platform and clinical pharmacology services. Among the company’s recent accomplishments in the clinical trial arena:

  • Successful completion of the first industry-sponsored clinical trial with the exclusive use of precision dosing powered by the Vantage Platform: InsightRX partnered with a Top 25 life sciences company to deploy the late-phase study in an effort to seek additional labeling with a focus on the pediatric population. This represents a tremendous milestone for InsightRX and the industry overall.

  • Continued momentum from multiple drug compounds seeking new routes of administration for competitive indications: In many cases, these organizations have a need for a turnkey offering – cloud software from InsightRX for pharmacology analysis as well as professional services. These engagements are clear proof points of the value of the Vantage Platform beyond typical Phase I and II trials. We’re now able to fill a market need further upstream and into the preclinical arena.

  • The launching of the InsightRX professional services arm: In response to consistent and growing market feedback, InsightRX is now offering packaged professional services through its Professional Services Team, which includes a bench of deeply experienced clinicians, data scientists, PhDs, and PharmDs. Services span the functional needs of clinical pharmacology strategy, data assembly services, modeling and simulation, analysis and reporting and regulatory support. This highly anticipated additional offering has been met with sizable interest across the industry strata with emerging biotech expressing the need for full-service outsourcing while large pharma is either seeking niche services or attempting to swap out underperforming or costly service partners.

“The foundational work we executed upon in our Life Sciences practice positions us remarkably well to further serve our industry partners in the coming year,” said Jason Rizzo, vice president of Life Sciences strategy and partnerships at InsightRX. “We’re immensely proud of the proven use cases for precision dosing in clinical trials, the strong bench we’ve created to offer clinical pharmacology services, and the broadening adoption of the Vantage Platform across a drug’s entire lifecycle. Further, we expect that these new ways to engage InsightRX will synchronize well with our industry partners’ desire to innovate as the economic outlook clears.”

“As we look ahead, InsightRX's vision for the future is expansive and multifaceted,” said Goswami. “We plan to extend our precision dosing solutions to other therapeutic categories in hospitals, expand our offerings into outpatient settings, and integrate advanced technologies, such as large language models (LLMs), into our solutions. As we continue to achieve our goals, our ambition is to pioneer a new paradigm in which dose optimization strategies are an essential element of drug development from inception.”

About InsightRX

InsightRX is a healthcare technology company that provides a cloud-based clinical decision support platform that applies quantitative pharmacology and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance therapeutic decision-making from phase I drug development through to individualized patient treatment at the point of care. The company's platform provides an individualized understanding of a patient's response to treatment, enabling medical professionals to bring new drugs to market efficiently, improve treatment effectiveness, and provide direct benefits to patients.